Tips for Beginners in Gambling

Everyone who starts in the betting , is a little lost, then I will explain some details we should consider to take this with tranquility and above all fun, some tips:

Long-term bets

Should not only consider if Barcelona beats Real Madrid or the draw with Osasuna Almeria, we must consider many factors and as the name suggests the long-term bets are usually very positive in these cases, How is the league? How to move shares? A season is quite enough, movement of quota trading.

Tournaments in tennis courts usually give much on these bets, if the favorite does not win , we can come up with much money ahead.

Luck does not have

Try to take the bet as much controlled, see if the best player on a team is injured, if they play with substitutes such details tend to unbalance the scales one way or another.

It does not take into account the fate of a team, that does not exist.


All kinds of statistics help our bets, results of other months of the equipment, results including tennis matches between players, for example, recent matches, and so on.

Favorite team and underdog

Teams that "love" and "hate" better not touch, we always tend to bet for or against them, this can lead us to lose much money, I personally recommend never bet any of them The heart is stronger than the head.


By this I mean, if we lose a bet, then we do not we play another bet without having the facts straight, just to recoup their losses, this leads to uncontrollable losses.