What are blackjack tables made of?

What are Blackjack Tables Made Of?

Blackjack tables are an essential part of playing the popular casino game. They provide a sturdy and spacious surface for cards to be dealt and bets to be placed. But what materials are used to construct a blackjack table? In this article, we will explore what blackjack tables are made from and why these materials are chosen.

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Table Surface Material

The material that is used for the surface of a blackjack table is usually a heavy-duty vinyl. This is because vinyl is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. It is also relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for blackjack tables. The vinyl is usually a green or blue color and is designed to replicate the look of a felt cloth.

Table Frame Material

The frame of a blackjack table is usually made out of either wood or metal. Wood is often used because it is strong and sturdy, making it perfect for supporting the heavy table surface. Metal is also often used and is usually preferred for its strength and durability. Metal frames are typically made from aluminum or steel and are designed to be lightweight yet still strong enough to provide support for the table.

Table Legs

The legs of a blackjack table are typically made from either wood or metal. Wood legs are often preferred because they are strong and sturdy and can support the weight of the table. Metal legs are also an option, but they are usually not as strong as wood and can be prone to wobbling.

Table Edges

The edges of a blackjack table are usually made from either wood or metal. Wood edges are often used because they provide a more comfortable and ergonomic experience for the players. Metal edges are also an option, but they are usually more expensive and can be prone to chipping and rusting over time.

Table Accessories

Blackjack tables typically come with a variety of accessories such as table felts, chip trays, and card shufflers. The felts are usually made from vinyl or cloth and are designed to provide a comfortable and professional gaming experience. The chip trays are usually made from wood or plastic and are designed to keep chips organized and easily accessible. Card shufflers are typically made from plastic and are designed to quickly and efficiently shuffle cards.

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Table Security Features

Most blackjack tables come with several security features to protect the players and their money. These can include security locks, steel plates, and surveillance cameras. Security locks are typically located on the table legs and are designed to prevent people from tampering with the table or stealing chips. Steel plates are often used to protect the table surface from being damaged. Surveillance cameras are also often used to monitor the game and players.

Table Design

Blackjack tables are typically designed with a sleek and modern look. The tables usually feature a curved design with a variety of colors and accents. This design is intended to provide an immersive and professional gaming experience for players.

Table Maintenance

Maintaining a blackjack table is relatively easy. The table should be wiped down with a soft cloth and mild soap or detergent on a regular basis to keep it looking its best. The table should also be inspected periodically to check for any damage or wear and tear.

Table Cost

The cost of a blackjack table can vary depending on the materials used, the size of the table, and the features included. A basic blackjack table can cost anywhere from $200 to $500. Higher-end tables with extra features can cost up to $2,000 or more.


In conclusion, blackjack tables are typically made from a variety of materials such as vinyl, wood, metal, and plastic. These materials are chosen for their durability, strength, and affordability. Table accessories such as felts, chip trays, and card shufflers are also often included to help enhance the gaming experience. The cost of a blackjack table can vary greatly depending on the materials and features included.

No matter what materials are used to construct a blackjack table, the most important thing is that it is comfortable and secure, providing a great playing experience for all involved. With the right materials, a blackjack table can be a great addition to any home or casino.