Why is Lucky Dragon casino closed?

The Lucky Dragon casino, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, closed its doors in January of 2018 after a short two-year run. The sudden and unexpected closure has left many wondering what went wrong and why the casino failed to stay open. This article will explore the various factors that led to the closure of Lucky Dragon, from financial struggles to mismanagement.

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Lack of Customers

One of the major issues that the Lucky Dragon faced was a lack of customers. Located in a less-than-ideal location off the Las Vegas Strip, the casino was unable to draw in the number of customers it needed to stay open. Furthermore, the casino failed to attract customers from outside the Las Vegas area, and even those who did come to the casino were not loyal patrons.

Poor Management

The management team at Lucky Dragon was inexperienced and unable to effectively manage the casino. They lacked the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize profits and ensure the casino remained operational. This ultimately resulted in a series of poor decisions that led to the casino’s eventual closure.

Financial Struggles

The Lucky Dragon struggled financially from the start. The casino was underfunded and unable to generate enough revenue to cover its expenses. This resulted in a series of financial issues that eventually led to the casino’s closure.

Competition from Other Casinos

The Lucky Dragon faced stiff competition from other casinos in the area. With more established casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip, the Lucky Dragon was unable to draw in customers away from these competitors. This resulted in a decrease in revenue and profits, which ultimately led to its closure.

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High Operational Costs

The Lucky Dragon faced high operational costs due to its large size and high overhead. This resulted in the casino spending more money than it was making, which further exacerbated its financial difficulties.

Lack of Marketing Efforts

The Lucky Dragon failed to effectively market itself in order to draw in customers. The casino relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, which was not enough to attract the number of customers needed to keep the casino open.

Inadequate Security

The Lucky Dragon was not able to provide adequate security for its patrons due to its lack of resources. This made it difficult for the casino to ensure the safety of its customers, resulting in a decrease in patronage.

Miscommunication among Employees

The miscommunication among employees at Lucky Dragon was another factor in the casino’s closure. The lack of communication between departments led to a breakdown in operations and a decrease in efficiency. This further exacerbated the financial issues the casino was facing and ultimately led to its closure.


The closure of Lucky Dragon is a result of multiple factors, including a lack of customers, poor management, financial struggles, competition from other casinos, high operational costs, lack of marketing efforts, inadequate security, and miscommunication among employees. These factors all contributed to the casino’s inability to stay open and ultimately led to its closure.

Overall, the closure of Lucky Dragon was the result of a combination of factors, including financial struggles, mismanagement, and competition from other casinos. While it is unfortunate that the casino was unable to remain open, it is important to understand the various factors that led to its closure in order to avoid similar issues in the future.